Alex is an alien mechanic who fixes spaceships. He works long hours and often has to travel because of his job, so he likes to spend what little free time he has on relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. He doesn’t tend to keep up with recent news and is okay with that since he would rather focus his energy on things that directly affect him. Sometimes he’ll see big news stories on TV, and while he can feel very strongly about them, he tries not to dwell on it too much so that he can just enjoy his life.


Alex just wants to enjoy the simple things in life. He likes to look at harmless memes, cute animals, and cool photos that appear on his social media feed. Other than the occasional like or comment on his friends’ posts, he keeps a low social media presence. Alex is also fairly skeptical and isn’t prone to believing dangerous misinformation. Every once in a while, he comes across an alien who is extremely misinformed, and while this annoys him, he leaves them be and doesn’t do anything about it. 


If Alex does want to read more on news that may affect him personally, he should click below for some fact-checking resources he can use, as well as some instances in which misinformation has led to violence, so that he is aware of how dangerous being misinformed can be.