Tristan is an alien from a small world and has never left his home planet. With so much unknown, Tristan tends to fall for outlandish theories. He wears a tinfoil hat at all times to protect himself from mind control devices (despite there being no evidence of mind control in his galaxy). Tristan believes in many conspiracy theories and spends most of his time researching them to validate his beliefs; he also tries to convince others to believe these theories, too.

Tristan is very passionate about these theories and is susceptible to taking radical actions to support them. Tristan’s passion for these theories unfortunately has pushed away many of his friends and family: Because they won’t play along or agree to these theories, he believes they are in on these conspiracies. As such, Tristan feels lonely and finds solace in online communities with other conspiracy theorists. However, this has only further radicalized Tristan, driving away more friends and family.